Computational Cognition Conference 2023

Welcome to Computational Cognition Conference 2023!

The Computational Cognition Conference 2023 is hosted by the Research Training Group (RTG) Computational Cognition at the University Osnabrück. With our conference program, we plan to cover a diverse array of cutting-edge research topics throughout (computational) cognitive science and provide a welcoming platform for discussions among researchers.
In the conference, our key area of focus will be the investigation of high-level cognition. While we have made significant progress in understanding the neural signals underlying basic sensorimotor and cognitive processes involved in reasoning, problem solving, spatial navigation, and language, the challenge of explaining how high-level cognition can emerge from low-level mechanisms remains an interesting puzzle in cognitive science.
Keynote speakers from diverse backgrounds including computational neuroscience, neurolinguistics, cognitive modeling, machine learning, and deep learning will share their expertise and present groundbreaking research at the conference. By bringing together these interdisciplinary perspectives, we aim to foster collaboration and spark new ideas that will drive the field of computational cognition forward!
Stay tuned for more updates on the conference schedule, speakers, and submission guidelines. We look forward to welcoming you to the Computational Cognition Conference 2023!

Beginning of August 2023
Registration Opens
15th September 2023
Deadline for Abstract Submission
25th September 2023
Notification of Acceptance
1st October 2023
Deadline For Registration

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